Current Status - Skywarn Net in progress
Spotter activation will not be needed.

Skywarn Arkansas is a group of amateur radio operators and others using the Arkansas Public Health Radio Network and the internet to create a statewide network in the event of severe weather.  Even Arkansans without an FCC radio license can participate, both as team members and/or reporting severe weather in your area.  We are in contact with the National Weather Service in Tulsa (which covers North Western Arkansas), North Little Rock (which handles most of the central two thirds) and Memphis (which handles North Eastern and far eastern portions of the state.)  We even monitor other areas in Louisiana, Mississippi and Missouri to ensure complete coverage of Arkansas.

When severe weather occurs in the state, the Arkansas Public Health Radio Network and its team of net controllers and team members engage in a Skywarn Net until the severe weather has expired or is no longer a threat to the Arkansas public.   You can stream these broadcasts over the internet to listen to the Skywarn Net, or can listen using any amateur radio such as a handheld.   It's not illegal to own a radio, just transmitting without a license.   You will be surprised how much more quickly you get reports before you hear them on regular radio or even television.

The Communications page will show the linked repeater locations both as a list and on a state map.  Frequency and other data is shown so radio operators can select the nearest repeater to program into your radio.

The Conditions page shows the current weather situation in the state.  There you will see the latest radar image, details of any warnings, watches or advisories currently in effect, selected cities around the state with data as current temp, etc., followed by the latest state summary and hazardous outlook.

Any Arkansan can help with the Skywarn Net by using the Report to Us feature.  Simply fill out the form and click Submit and the report will be received by the Skywarn Team and then forwarded to the National Weather Service, media and local authorities that have provided us with contact info.  Please do this only at status of Yellow or Red (see statuses below) otherwise we might not take note of it in the timely fashion we want to.

You can Signup for Alerts and like reporting, fill out the form and when severe reports are submitted to us and it's in your area we will send the info to you.  If you don't have a cell phone we can send an email, but it is much faster to receive a text on your cell phone.  If your carrier is not on the list, please contact us and we'll research what we need to make that work for you.

Join the Team shows the qualifications for anyone wishing to be part of Skywarn Arkansas.  Any Arkansan can be part fo the Team, but if you don't have a amateur radio license you can't do the duties that involve transmission over the air.  There will be some training required but you can do that online at your leisure and it's not difficult nor will take very long.

Listen Live allows you to listen to the network streaming over the internet during the Net.  This will allow non licensed radio operators to listen and be able to get up to date with the severe weather.

The Team Portal is for all registered Net Controllers and Team Members to be used during the Skywarn Net.  Special software is used to provide us with nearly all the data and procedures we require during the Net.  This gives us inprovement in time management for all team members.

Our current status can be one of four levels and displayed on every page by the color around the pupil of the image at the top.  These levels are:
                                        No Severe Weather Expected
                                        Skywarn Net is Possible
                                        Skywarn Net is Probable
                                        Skywarn Net is in Progress

You can contact us by calling (501) 413-7243 or email to