Current Status - Skywarn Net in progress
Spotter activation will not be needed.

Before reporting to Skywarn Arkansas please adhere to the following criteria:
  • Skywarn Status either Yellow or Red
  • Thunderstorms with winds greater than 60pmh and/or hail greater than quarter size
  • Sighting of a wall cloud especially when rotating
  • Sighting of a funnel cloud
  • Sighting of a tornado with or without debris
  • Flooding two inches or greater
  • Damage such as fallen trees or power lines, structural damage or destroyed houses or buildings
  • Snow two inches or greater
  • Sleet/Ice 1/4 inch or greater

Please only fill out the form with the above criteria so our monitors can report it not only to the the National Weather Service, but also the media and local authorities.  Please provide as much detail as you can such as direction it is moving or any other details connected with your report.  To coin a phrase, 'More is better.'